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German Dental Center - Dentist Doha Qatar Sterilization machine:

Sterilization machine:

Europa B Evo 24 Fractional Vacuum Steam autoclave: This autoclave represents the state of the art in dental surgery sterilization applications. It includes the brand new P.I.D. system. P.I.D. means Proportional Integral Derivate and represents the apex of closed loop controls.

German Dental Center - Dentist Doha Qatar 3D-radiography:


Advantages: Consistent high quality x-rays and images Viable diagnostic tool in implant dentistry Low radiation dosage due to state of the art equipment

German Dental Center - Dentist Doha Qatar Laser Cavity Detection:

Laser Cavity Detection:

A low-powered laser can be used to locate tiny pits within tooth enamel that can become cavities. The laser, called DIAGNOdent®, can detect decay early. Once located, the tiny spots on the tooth can be covered with a clear sealant in order to prevent cavities.

German Dental Center - Dentist Doha Qatar All-ceramic Cerec®-solutions:

All-ceramic Cerec®-solutions:

Patient benefits: Biocompatible Highly esthetic Minimally invasive, saving more healthy tooth structure through more conservative preparations Completed chairside in just one office visit

German Dental Center - Dentist Doha Qatar Surgical laser:

Surgical laser:

Surgical lasers are more accurate than traditional dental treatments and allow the dentist to conserve as much bone and tooth as possible.

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